Gesheft Garage Sale. Summer Together

4 July – Gesheft Summer Together

For a few years, the popular Gesheft Garage Sale festival grew from a small garage market into one of the most popular and fashionable events in Odessa. Every season, more than 250 designers and brands from all over Ukraine gather at the festival. Its creators are Alexandra Zakharova and Artem Maximov.

Alexandra Zakharova and Artem Maximov

We organized the first Gesheft in a creative loft. It was an unfinished business center, in which a creative space was created. There I rented a workshop and performed my educational work – I was preparing for a diploma in the specialty of a dummy puppet

Alexandra Zakharova
The first Gesheft Garage Sale in Odessa, July 9, 2011
The first Gesheft Garage Sale in Odessa, July 9, 2011

My husband Artem Maksimov joined the case. He and I traveled a lot and attended similar events abroad, so we immediately took the matter seriously. We stopped at the garage sale format and came up with the name – “Gesheft”.

Alexandra Zakharova

“Gesheft” from Yiddish translates as “agreement”, “deal”

Winter Gesheft Garage Sale 2012
Summer Gesheft Garage Sale 2012
Summer Gesheft Garage Sale 2012

In the summer of 2011 they held the first Gesheft Garage Sale. And it became successful, because many creative Odessites known at that time agreed to sell their unwanted stuff. It was interesting for everyone. Taking into account the number of people gathered by the first Gesheft Garage Sale, the decision was made – to continue. That’s why Alexandra and Artem organized another event in a few months and they haven’t stopped since then

As Gesheft developed, a music programme began to appear. The Gesheft team never tried to invite a popular stars. They are giving a stage for a young underground bands, and everybody like the atmosphere they create.

Step by step the team have diversified the decoration of the festival and now they pay a lot of attention to it. It should always be something thematic and unusual, installation format.

Each new festival became more interactive: were added master classes, children’s areas, various projects from brands. Now it can definitely be named a festival. Gesheft team organize events both in the warm (May, July, September) and in the cold period of the year, they gather hundreds of guests and participants. Winter festivals are held indoors, summer – often in open air areas.

Gesheft Garage Sale has become a kind of networking platform, introduced projects from different cities. After that, the team also published a magazine telling the stories of various brands and spaces that took part in Gesheft.

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