Gov’t adopts a resolution allowing entrepreneurs to go abroad on business trips

For the sake of business mobility in the conditions of martial law, on September 1st, there is launched an eVidriadzhennia (Business trip). Today, the Government has endorsed a resolution that allows the introduction of this service in an experimental format.

One can go on a business trip abroad for a period of up to 7 days. The permit can be issued on the Diia portal. The service will be available to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities that meet the following conditions:

• submitted tax returns;

• have no arrears for the payment of a single contribution as the state social insurance;

• the average salary in the company is at least UAH 20,000;

• made a guaranteed payment of UAH 200,000;

• the number of insured persons for the last month of the reporting quarter must be at least 10 persons.

No more than 10% of the number of insured persons will be able to obtain permission to leave simultaneously, but no more than 10 people from the company at the same time.