“Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa 2021” will take place on May 26-27

The 20th edition of “Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa 2021” (GMD), the largest international conference in Ukraine dedicated to shipping sector and grain export, will take place in Odessa on May 26-27.

The conference will gather experts of grain and marine business in Odessa, the maritime capital on Ukraine and main logistic hub of the Black Sea. The place of GMD is the historical Hotel Bristol.

The participants of the annual conference are shipping managers, analysts of international trade, foreign investors, ship-owners, association of farmers, port authorities and international institutions like EBRD, FAO.

The agenda includes open interviews with the key speakers (30+), discussion panels of the latest issues.

The organisers of the event, InterLegal and APKinform, guarantee the observance of all required health and safety regulations.

Key topics of the conference:

  • World economic crisis and food security: consequences of “shocks” of 2020 and prospects for recovering
  • Agribusiness financing: lessons from defaults of 2020
  • Global grain market: challenges of 2020/21 MY and prospects for 2021/22 MY
  • Importers & exporters of wheat: changes of trade policy
  • China as the key factor of market trends
  • Results of “hot” 2020/21 MY in Black Sea region, key factors and forecasts for 2021/22 MY
  • Harvest-2021: estimates of production and distribution of major grains in Ukraine and Russia
  • Marine transportation of grain: global prospects and modern challenges
  • New trends of agricultural and marine business in Ukraine and the world


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Odessa Shipping Party 2021 (28 May)

The Odessa Shipping Party is the largest networking event for the shipping professionals in the pleasant atmosphere and unforgettable emotions by the Black Sea. The evening will be organised in the M1 Club Hotel. There will be directors of shipping companies from Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, the UAE, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Korea, Monaco, the UK and other countries. In 2019, over 500 experts in transport, shipping and international trade visited the annual Odessa Shipping Dinner.

Football Tournement

In the tradition of the GMD conference there is a football competition among the teams composed by the participants. Everybody can play.

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