Hackers dropped the Russian electronic document management system

Hackers attacked Russian electronic document management systems (EDF). Banks, supermarkets, and schools were hit. The government has already blamed “pro-Ukrainian hackers” for the incident, Kommersant reports.

Electronic document management was subjected to a massive DDoS attack on September 1st.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that “messages calling for cyberattacks on Russian Electronic document services appeared in Ukrainian telegram channels.” And in one of them, the purpose of the attack was allegedly called “preventing the receipt of dairy products on store shelves.” The attacks coincided with a new phase of dairy product labeling. Starting September 1, all market participants must transfer information to the system through an Electronic document, and the withdrawal of dairy products from circulation must be recorded through cash registers.

“The attack was successful due to the unavailability of the service to process a large number of simultaneous requests to the EDI system, which could have been avoided with proper protection,” said Ilnaz Gataullin, head of the analytics group at the Center for Monitoring and Counteracting Cyberattacks IZ:SOC of Informzashchita. According to him, restoring the systems will not take much time, but if work is not carried out to protect the infrastructure, the incidents will repeat: “In the fall, we expect a revival in cyberspace at the level of spring indicators.”

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