Hall of fake by MNPL

The MNPL team invites you to an exciting journey into the world of illusions and self-deception, going to a house in the very center of the city. An exhibition will run at the InVogue Gallery from March 5 to March 28, 2021.

An ambitious desire to materialize the inner world is inherent in everyone. The boldest desires that can arise in the pursuit of comfort and coziness are embodied in the “Hall of fake”. Counterfeiting compensates for the impossibility of realising them in full.

The use of sham materials and interior items balances on the verge of poverty and freedom of expression. Self-deception is the imitation of natural materials, art objects and artificial objects with a blurred line between them. You can feel like a guest in this shelter, but you can’t stay alive. Thus, the escape from reality becomes real. How far can you go, sacrificing quality for the sake of an idea?

Vase, 2016

MNPL is an architectural and artistic group formed in 2009 in Odessa. Its members have been working in the same workshop since 2010. Most of the participants have an architectural education, therefore, the main activity is based on architecture.

Architectural exhibition by MNPL collective, Looozer Gallery, 2020
Architectural exhibition by MNPL collective, Looozer Gallery, 2020

Painting and graphics are important components of the collective’s activities. In addition to the obvious advantages over digital tools, such methods provide more freedom and allow you to go beyond design thinking. Initially MNPL used this approach to create abstract tectonic compositions assembled from basic architectural elements.

Painting and graphics, 2017

This practice helps in the work on shaping and replenishes the architectural toolkit in general. At the same time MNPL are monitoring the role of artistic expression in architecture. Subsequently, an impressive part of the work appeared that had no direct connection with architecture, and became a separate direction.

The workshop also serves as a place for the implementation of art projects. MNPL is interested in a multi-faceted approach in which rational methods of architectural design are closely associated with freer artistic practices. Today, 6 architects, a visualizer and a graphic designer are participating in major joint projects. In individual projects, the number of participants may vary.

“Decorder” Entrance to the Muzeon Experimental Centre Odesa 2019

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