Headquarters of the National Resistance: There are many deserters among the invaders, they are afraid of the partisans

The Russian invaders increasingly flee the battlefield and even “leak” information about their army to the Ukrainian defenders. They are afraid of the partisans. The moral and psychological spirit of rashists is very low. This is especially observed in the temporarily occupied territories.

This was told to Channel 24 by a representative of the National Resistance Headquarters.

More and more deserters appear among the invaders. They are afraid of the underground. The guerrillas constantly say hello to the rashists. The invaders understand that they can either leave our land or die on it.

“Accordingly, the percentage of those who betray this “under-state” is also high,” said a representative of the National Resistance Headquarters.

He recalled that the occupiers once gave the Ukrainian underground important information about the Ussuri brigade, which was involved in terrible war crimes in Bucha. Moreover, a military man from the same unit “leaked” his own.

“For such cases, if we are provided with data, we have methods of surrender at the front, and subsequently such military personnel can receive certain preferences,” the speaker explained.

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