Herman Galushchenko: Next winter should be the last for Russia’s gas blackmail

Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko took part in the expert discussion “Impact of the war in Ukraine on the energy sector”, organized on the occasion of the association of Ukraine with the International Energy Agency. The event was also attended by IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol, Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskva, and US Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk.

Herman Galushchenko emphasized that only the solidarity of European states will make it possible to resist Russian blackmail in the energy sector.

“Russia is using gas to divide us. But the temporary benefit in purchasing gas contributes to the continuation of Russian influence on European countries. We must unite to destroy the opportunity for Russian blackmail and manipulation. Only together can we win this war. The next winter should be the last when Russia will still be able to put forward its demands in the gas sector,” the Minister said.

He emphasized that now, due to the situation in the gas market, Russia can receive even more money by selling less gas.

Herman Galushchenko called on European countries to use Ukrainian gas storage facilities to store gas reserves, which will help ensure a stable gas supply in winter.

“We have the largest natural gas storage in Europe. They are safe, and it is commercially profitable to store gas in them,” the Minister noted.

In addition, Ukraine can help replace Russian coal and gas by exporting electricity to Europe.

“Today we have a surplus of electricity and the technical possibility to increase the export of electricity significantly. Commercial trade between Ukraine and Europe will be mutually beneficial because we can supply electricity at lower prices, and in return, we will receive funds that are so necessary for our electricity market, which has suffered from the destruction of infrastructure and generating capacities due to hostilities and a drop in consumption due to the war,” he noted. Herman Galushchenko.

He assured that Ukraine is ready to take an active part in strengthening the energy security of the European region, and joining the International Energy Agency will become the basis for deepening cooperation between the MEA member states to build a safe and clean energy future.

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