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History and Mystery: Hotel Tsentralnaya

History and Mystery: Hotel Tsentralnaya

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Natalya Stadnikova columnist of The Odessa Journal reveals the secrets of Odessa hotels. She talks about the magnificent years of Odessa in the 19th century which turned into the modern gilded age.

She is ready to share her knowledge and love for Odessa with Odessa citizens and guests of the city.

Hotel Tsentralnaya is one of the most famous Odessa hotels, a conceptual historical hotel that has preserved the traditions of pre-revolutionary Odessa.

The hotel is located in the heart of the cultural, historical, business center of Odessa, in an old building-monument of architecture of the 19th century, from the windows of which you can see the Transfiguration Cathedral and Cathedral Square

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The Hotel Tsentralnaya is one of the oldest hotels in Odessa. And for sure, this is the only hotel in the city with more than 130 years of history that has never changed its name. For instance, Preobrazhenskaya Street, on which Tsentralnaya stands, changed its name seven times during the same time.

The old, beautiful building of the hotel was built with the money of the father and son of the Velikanovs in 1874. One of its customer was the Odessa businessman Rafalovich. Very soon the hotel passed into the possession of the merchant of the 1st guild, Alexander Rafalovich. On the first floor of the building there were shops; in Odessa guidebooks, Cherkesov's bookstore is indicated at this address.

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Initially, this place was one of the houses of Felix de Ribas, which in 1807 he sold to the assistant inspector of port quarantine, the nobleman Kurdimanov. Then, the house changed owners, was completed in the 1860s and, finally, rebuilt in 1874.

The hotel restaurant opened on February 15, 1875. It was maintained by the famous restaurateur Theodor Gotsky. The institution was famous for its Tatar barbecue. The hotel hosted many exhibitions.

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In one of the pre-revolutionary Odessa guidebooks we read:

“The first-class hotel Centralnaya on Preobrazhenskaya street, opposite the cathedral. More than 100 numbers from 1 p. up to 5 rubles. per day. There is a restaurant."

After the revolution, the hotel housed the Odessa city rural house, which provided accommodation for residents of the region arriving in Odessa, in renovated rooms in the city center.

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Both before the revolution and today, the hotel is famous for its comfort and high level of service. At the same time, one of the main advantages of the hotel is its advantageous location. As they say in Odessa, "Tsentrovoe - only on Deribasovskaya!" But even here Tsentralnaya does not lose: to Deribasovskaya from the hotel's porch it is exactly 100 m.

Today, the Hotel Tsentralnaya tries to recreate the atmosphere of old Odessa, which was famous for its cordiality. In order for guests to feel the spirit of old Odessa for real, the hotel has opened conceptually designed rooms associated with the history of Odessa in different years. Guests have the opportunity to stay in one room: "Retro 60-70s", "Communal apartment" "Ostap Bender" and "Literary Odessa" and plunge into the atmosphere of old Odessa of past eras.

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The Tsentralnaya Hotel also offers accommodation in 84 rooms of various categories in a classic style, breakfast is included in the price of each room.

For guests who prefer a budget accommodation option, there is an opportunity to stay in a hostel.

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The hotel has a cafe and 2 spacious halls, which are ideal for organising events in the central part of the city.

Since 2016, the Hotel Tsentralnaya is part of the international hotel chain Mozart Hotel Group

Natalia Stadnikova
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