Homage to Piero Manzoni

Quarantine autograph session

On May 17, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Odessa Museum of Modern Art the “Quarantine autograph session Homage to Manzoni” event will take place. The artists will leave their signatures on the visitors masks.

The Guest artists are:

  • Sergey Anufriev
  • Sergey Belik
  • Bondero
  • Anatoly Gankevich
  • Igor Gusev
  • Dmitry Erlikh
  • Project curators: “Mir group” (Sergey Anufriev, Igor Gusev)
  • Tatyana-Margarita Suy

This autograph session is a sacred ritual for the appropriation of reality with the intention of further turning it into a work of art. What in one case scares, and possibly even kills, in the context of art becomes a subject of artistic creation, expressed as a gesture of appropriation.

Odessa Museum of Modern Art Courtyard

A quarantine autograph session will be held in the courtyard of the museum, all participants will be covered with masks, markings will be made to ensure social distance. Masks, as well as autographs of artists, will be issued free of charge, but if you want to support the museum and its projects, you can leave a charity contribution in a special box.

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