How many ships with missiles are left in the Black Sea?

After the missile cruiser “Moscow” with 16 cruise missiles was destroyed, the total volley of cruise missiles of the Russian Black Sea Fleet ships currently in the Black Sea decreased from 72 to 56. Note that the missile cruiser “Moscow” had no Kalibr missiles, but cruise missiles “Volcano”, the purpose of which is a large surface target.

This was announced on Facebook by the head of the Institute of Black Sea Strategic Studies Andriy Klymenko.

In the Black Sea are the following missile ships of the Black Sea Fleet with Kalibr cruise missiles:

  1. frigate “Admiral Essen” (8 missiles)
  2. frigate “Admiral Makarov” (8 missiles)
  3. Corvette “Vyshny Volochyok” (8 missiles)
  4. Corvette “Ingushetia” (8 missiles)
  5. Corvette “Grayvoron” (8 missiles)
  6. Rostov-on-Don (4 missiles) – submarine
  7. Stary Oskol (4 missiles)
  8. Veliky Novgorod submarine (4 missiles)
  9. Kolpino submarine (4 missiles)

So in total in a volley – 56 Kalibr cruise missiles.

The following missile ships are stuck in the Mediterranean due to the blockage of the straits by Turkey:

1 missile frigate (“Admiral Grigorovich”, Black Sea Fleet),
1 missile corvette (Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Black Sea Fleet),
2 missile launchers (Novorossiysk and Krasnodar, Black Sea Fleet),
and in addition there are also:
2 missile cruisers of the same type with RKR “Moscow” (“Varyag”, Pacific Fleet and “Marshal Ustinov”, Northern Fleet),
2 Guided Missile destroyers (NATO classification) – “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”, Northern Fleet, “Admiral Tributs”, Pacific Fleet,
1 missile frigate “Admiral Kasatonov”, Northern Fleet, the last – the carrier of hypersonic missiles “Zircon”.
Turkey did not allow at least 4 of them to enter the Black Sea on February 28, 2022.

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