How much grain Ukraine lost due to the destruction of the Mykolaiv grain terminal

Ukraine has lost approximately 250-300 thousand tons of grain due to the destruction of the Mykolaiv grain terminal.

This was announced by the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Taras Vysotsky, during the informational telethon.

When asked how much grain was destroyed due to the attack on the Mykolaiv terminal, Vysotsky replied that we were talking about several hundred thousand tons.

Physically, from the point of view of registers, at the beginning of the war, several hundred thousand tons of grain were stored there. Basically, this is wheat as a food product, corn, and less – soybeans and sunflower. That is, we are talking about 250-300 thousand tons of grain

Taras Vysotsky

On June 7, it became known that Russian invaders destroyed the second largest grain terminal in Ukraine in Mykolaiv. Mayor of Mykolaiv Alexander Senkevich said that on June 4, Russian invaders fired at an infrastructure facility. As a result, warehouses with grain meal broke out. Extinguishing the fire continued until June 6.

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