If you want to help: Every box should have a large label HELP UKRAINE


We have set up a warehouse in Poland, on the Ukrainian border, that’s already open and ready to receive medicines, humanitarian aid, dry rations and more.

All details are on the website: http://www.helpukraine.center

The list of needs will be updated in coordination with Armed Forces of Ukraine and relevant ministries.

Be sure to read the packaging requirements!

Warehouse address:


Rampa Brzeska 63, 22-100 Chełm, Poland

PL +48 82 565 01 55

Map ➡ https://bit.ly/3M6Cei7

Just send the package to the specified address. Every box should have a large label HELP UKRAINE and a sign what exactly you are sending: medicines, clothes, food, humanitarian aid.

Additional questions: call center


 +44 1353 885152

 80 800 801 152

 +1 855 725 1152

Website http://www.helpukraine.center

This is a joint initiative of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Rozetka, Fozzy Group, TIS, Dragon Capital, Novaya Pochta, Spunbond fund, RZTK. The list to be updated.

If you can help in some other way (transfer cargo, work in a call center, help with logistics), please write to WhatsApp (+380 50 046 2825) how you can help. We will collect a reserve of volunteers. Whatsapp only!