Igor Yakovenko: China is pursuing a rather complex independent policy

When it comes to the collapse of the Russian Federation, China is always remembered, which is interested in some regions of the Russian Federation. Many say that the points of China’s “peace plan” speak of its desire to participate in the division of “cake”. Is it so? Does China need it? Russian oppositionist, sociologist, and ex-deputy of the State Duma Igor Yakovenko gave his answers in an interview with Unian.

“China is pursuing a rather complex independent policy. At its 20th Congress, China took a course of militarization, toughening domestic policy and external expansion.

It is more or less obvious that the defeat of Russia in this war is very beneficial for China because it will try to acquire the northern territories, which are already marked with Chinese names on its maps. There is such a trend. At the same time, China is interested in resisting the West, the United States, so now it describes itself as practically an ally of Russia. He supplies the Russian Federation with uniforms, equipment, and non-lethal weapons. Indeed, the Moscow-Beijing half-axis has formed today.

China’s position is more complicated than just seeking to reassert its control over what it calls the northern territories. On the one hand, China is interested in this war dragging on and, above all, exhausting the United States. On the other hand, China wants Russia to be exhausted, which would eventually allow it to implement its plan to restore or seize the northern territories.

Unfortunately, the set of tools with which the US can influence China is very limited. These are sanctions, and the withdrawal of Western companies from China, which happened in Russia. There are quite a lot of companies in China that are financed and owned by Western structures. How strong will this blow be to the Chinese economy, or will it be a blow to the American economy – specialists must answer this question. I think the Chinese economy is a huge and stable mechanism, and it is difficult to say who will be hurt more in this clash – China or the United States. In any case, such pressure cannot stop China.

The United States and the West need more resources and tools to change China’s policy. China is a powerful independent state. And, unfortunately, now China has taken a course toward strengthening the empire, the military machine, and external aggression.”

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