In 2021, four Ukrainian wines will be sold in Japan

The Japanese, who are well-known aficionados of fine wines and cuisine, gave high appraisal to the distinguished taste and bouquet of the Ukrainian wines.

Ukrainian wines will enter the Japanese market in 2021! If all goes well, vodka and beer will follow. Helms Ltd. is a small but dynamic company is looking forward to make Yokohama, the sister city of Odessa, a showcase of Ukrainian wine in Japan. We will help them.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan Serhiy Korsunsky
Serhiy Korsunsky during the meeting with President and CEO of Helmes LTD, Yuki Ishii

General Trade Organization, HELMS Limited was established with our strong aspiration to help the customer and supplier to build their happiness by providing service and products that can be appreciated, satisfied and valued by them, through pursuing the creation of Mechanism (Product Market Fit) and by making full use of it. The head office is located in Yokohama.

According to the ambassador’s message, the products exported to Japan are four wineries:

The Kolonist wine has become the hallmark of the diplomatic corps of Ukraine and delights the Ukrainian diaspora and even the descendants of the German colonists from Bessarabia in distant Canada.

Shabo is one of the oldest terroirs in Europe. Centuries-old traditions of Shabo winemaking formed the basis for the establishment in 2003 of SHABO, a Ukrainian wine complex with a full production cycle.

The products of the “Prince Trubetsky Winery” have gained recognition not only at the domestic but also abroad. Pride of winemakers – an exclusive collection, which collected about 10 thousand bottles of rare and legendary wines.

The culture of Transcarpathian winemaking is unique because it combines Hungarian, Italian and Austrian traditions during historical vicissitudes. It is the result of this cultural alloy that gave such an interesting and colorful product as Transcarpathian wine.

Ambassador Korsunsky also reported on the meeting and on his Twitter account, saying that Ukrainian excellent wines go well with Ukrainian dishes such as Chicken Kiev, Vareniki and Borsch.

In view of the great Japanese market potential and high gastronomical demands of the Japanese consumers, the Ukrainian wines and cuisine will certainly find a wide audience of its fans.