In 2023, Lithuania will allocate 40 million euros for military aid to Ukraine

Vilnius plans to transfer and repair weapons and military equipment

In 2023, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense said that Lithuania will continue to provide military support to Ukraine. Vilnius plans to allocate about 40 million euros for this.

Vilnius plans to transfer and repair weapons and military equipment. Consultations of experts in the field of defense, as well as strengthening of security in cyberspace, are also planned. In addition, the Lithuanians intend to purchase and provide the Ukrainians with additional equipment as soon as possible, for example, night vision goggles, thermal imagers, and weapons for combating drones. It is also planned to purchase extra clothing for Ukrainian soldiers.

This year, Lithuania also plans to train about 1,500 Ukrainian soldiers.

The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania reported that since the beginning of the full-scale Russian aggression, Lithuania had provided military support to Ukraine in the amount of almost EUR 300 million

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