In July, sales of trailer vehicles grew by 2.3 times in Ukraine

Sales of trailer vehicles in Ukraine (new and used) in July 2022 grew by almost 2.3 times compared to the same month in 2021, according to Oleg Omelnytsky director of Auto-Consulting has reported.

At the same time, sales of new trailers grew by 42%, and sales of used ones grew by almost 2.6 times.
In the total number of trailers sold, new semi-trailers amounted to 369 units, trailers were 8 units.

According to the group’s analysts, such a high demand was provided by agricultural and oil companies, as well as international haulers.

The largest sales in July were provided by dump trucks-grain carriers, in second place were fuel tank carriers.

For the first time in a month, more than 100 tanks from different manufacturers entered Ukraine.

Auto-Consulting, press release

The German Schmitz-Cargobull became the market leader with a 21% share and a 2.4-fold increase in sales. Polish manufacturers were also active.

Turkish manufacturer Ali Riza Usta was in the lead in the segment of fuel trucks, slightly ahead of the Ukrainian Everlast. The trailed equipment of the Ukrainian plant VARZ was also in demand.

Increased demand was also noted for curtain side semi-trailers, refrigerators and trawls.

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