In Kyiv, a 10-year-old girl collected more than UAH 20 thousand for the Armed Forces of Ukraine by playing checkers

In Kyiv, 10-year-old girl Valeria Yezhova played checkers with everyone on the street for money. Thanks to this, the girl managed to “earn” more than 20 thousand hryvnias.

The actor and volunteer Serhiy Prytula wrote about this on his Facebook.

Valeria. 10 years old. Played checkers with people on the street. If a person lost, he paid for the game. Everyone who played with Valeria lost. Valeria is a world champion in checkers. And a sponsor of our fund. + 21,000 UAH to the piggy bank. “Bald Botox” will die and will not understand why he lost. But because our people with such children cannot be defeated!

Serhiy Prytula

The girl’s mother published a video of the meeting with Prytula: at first, he joked and asked the girl about her games, and when she took out the collected funds from her bag, he burst into tears.

The manufacturer of Bayraktars, the BAYRAK company, has officially announced that it will provide Ukraine with three Bayraktars free of charge, for which Serhiy Prytula’s fundraised UAH 600 million. In just three days, the Ukrainians managed to raise such an amount.

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