In London, the Olena Zelenska Foundation started raising funds for the restoration of the hospital in Izyum

A presentation of the Olena Zelenska Foundation took place in London. The foundation deals with the most acute problems in Ukraine. Its activities are focused on three areas: assistance in rebuilding Ukrainian hospitals and ensuring access to medicine for every person, restoration of the educational process, overcoming humanitarian problems. Currently, the initiative is actively looking for foreign partners willing to help Ukraine, and is raising funds.

The presentation was opened by the initiator of the creation of the Foundation – First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska. She emphasized that Great Britain’s contribution to Ukraine’s struggle is invaluable.

“You help us a lot in liberating Ukraine from grief and suffering, help us hold on and win,” she addressed the British people.

The President’s wife added that Russian troops shelled or completely destroyed more than 500 hospitals, destroyed more than 300 educational institutions, and damaged more than 2,400. She emphasized that now Ukraine is a dark spot on the night map of Europe, because Ukrainians do not have light, water, heat and communication.

The event was also attended by Ukrainians who heroically help the country in the fight for freedom. Volunteer Tata Kepler – she saves thousands of people by providing medicines and basic necessities, Oleksandr Lysytsia – a pediatric oncologist and transplant specialist who continues to work in Ukraine during the war, and Liudmyla Totsyna – a teacher from Mariupol who endured and dreams of returning home to teach the children again – told their stories.

Special attention was paid at the presentation to overcoming the problems of the residents of the de-occupied territories, because now they need support more than ever.

“When the Ukrainian military liberated the Kherson region, people greeted them with hugs. People cried from happiness and took out Ukrainian flags, which were hidden during the occupation. On the one hand, this episode is probably the most inspiring in this war. On the other hand, it is another humanitarian disaster, a medical collapse and an educational abyss as a result of the Russian invasion. Our mission is to bring to the residents of the de-occupied territories the understanding that not only the Ukrainian people are with them, but the whole world is also with them, in particular the British people,” Olena Zelenska said.

During the event, a charity fundraising was held for the restoration of the Central City Hospital in Izyum. This is the largest medical institution in the Kharkiv region, which is a hub hospital.

At the auction held with the support of Christie’s, four lots were put up, including a painting by 11-year-old Maksym Brovchenko, a fragment of a Russian rocket that hit the Kyiv TV tower on March 3, an illustration by Ukrainian artist Serhiy Maidukov. The most expensive lot was the canvas of the British artist Mark Quinn “Kyiv Madonna” – 100,000 pounds were paid for it. Fundraising is ongoing.

The Olena Zelenska Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to restore the human capital of Ukraine so that every citizen feels physically and mentally healthy, protected, able to realize their right to education and build a future in their native country.

At the center of the Foundation’s work is a person. The organization focuses its efforts on three main areas: medicine, education and humanitarian aid. Thus, the Foundation works on the restoration and material and technical support of medical and educational institutions that were completely or partially destroyed during the war; provides humanitarian aid to residents of the de-occupied territories, in particular to family-type children’s homes, internally displaced persons and people with disabilities.

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