In Mykolaiv, a month later, they were able to restore the water supply

In Mykolaiv, they could return water supply after the Russian invaders damaged the main and reserve lines of the main water pipeline Dnepr-Mykolaiv. This was announced by Deputy Head of the Office of President Kyrylo Tymoshenko.

“Given that 80% of the total length of the water pipeline passes through the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region, this makes it impossible to carry out emergency restoration work and does not guarantee the continued stable operation of this source of water supply,” Tymoshenko said.

To address the issue of water supply to the population of Mykolaiv, UAH 56 million was allocated from the reserve fund of the state budget. The authorities were able to provide water intake from the Southern Bug River and artesian wells.

“Currently, 14 wells have been put into operation – in city hospitals, maternity hospitals, and military hospitals. Today, water supply to residential buildings has begun,” said the deputy head of the OP.

In addition, according to him, humanitarian aid is actively supplied to the city. As of Friday, May 13, almost 3,000 tons of goods have been sent to the territorial communities of the region, municipal institutions, structures of the Armed Forces and volunteer organizations, of which 1,000 tons have already been transferred.

In some areas of Mykolaiv, the water disappeared on April 12. Workers of the water utility discovered a break in the network. Still, it was impossible to repair it since the damaged part of the pipe is located in the territory of hostilities. For Nikolaev, water was brought, but this was very little.

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