In Mykolaiv, enemy rockets destroyed the university named after Peter the Great

In Mykolaiv, as a result of a night shelling, two rockets destroyed the Black Sea National University named after Peter the Great, as reported by the City Mayor Alexander Senkevich.

The enemy had fired, just a few days ago, at another university in Mykolaiv, Mohylyanka, where ordinary university specialists work. No military base is there.

Two Russian missiles flew there last night, with the purpose to destroy another educational institution. At the time of the shelling, only a security guard was in the university. Fortunately, he was not injured.

A home opposite the institution was damaged by debris and the shock wave.

The utility workers are clearing the territory near the university in order to clear the road for transport,” the Mayor’s added.

It is worth reminding that on Jul 15, at around 7:45, Mykolaiv was hit by a missile attack from the army of the Russian Federation. There were more than 10 explosions in the city.

The head of the Mykolaiv Military Regional Administration Vitaliy Kim confirmed that the Russians have destroyed the two largest universities in Mykolaiv.

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