In Russia, the perpetrators of the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Makiivka were named

In Russia, they said that the strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the base of the Russian invaders in Makiivka became possible due to the violation of the rules by the Russian military.

This statement was made in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. According to them, the number of dead Russian soldiers has risen to 89. Among them is the deputy commander of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Bachurin.

The statement said the main reason for the attack on the base was the “massive use of mobile phones by personnel in defiance of the ban.”

“This factor allowed the enemy to identify and determine the coordinates of the location of military personnel for launching a missile strike,” the message says.

Also in Russia, they said they allegedly destroyed the HIMARS launcher, from which Ukrainian troops hit Makiivka, by return fire.

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