In Sevastopol, the court declared dead 17 sailors from the cruiser “Moscow”

In Sevastopol, the court declared dead 17 sailors who disappeared as a result of the sinking of the cruiser “Moscow” in April 2022. This is reported by the “Agency” with reference to the court’s data.

16 cases were considered in the summer, one more in September. The father of the deceased sailor Yegor Shkrebets, Dmitry Shkrebets, told the Agency that the courts were held based on the parents’ statements of the missing servicemen, and their interests were represented by the military prosecutor’s office and the command of the military unit.

According to Skrebets, those sailors whose relatives did not go to court “are automatically declared dead after six months.” He himself said he received his son Yegor’s death certificate in early August.

  • After the death of the cruiser Moskva in mid-April, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the crew had been completely evacuated. However, soon family members of sailors (mainly conscripts) began to write in social networks about the disappearance or death of their relatives who served on the ship.
  • The exact number of sailors who died on the “Moscow” is unknown. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation recognized the death of one person and declared 27 sailors missing.

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