In St. Petersburg, they are looking for contractors among the homeless people

In St. Petersburg, Russia, officials offered the homeless to sign a contract to serve in the Russian army.

This is reported by “Rotonda” with reference to a source in the NGO “Nochlezhka”, which helps homeless people in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

According to the publication, an official from the administration of the Frunzensky district of the city came to one of the Nochlezhka shelters. He suggested that NPO employees spread leaflets in the shelter, saying that the authorities of St. Petersburg are looking for people to serve under the contract.

“The officer on duty did not allow the leaflets to be laid out; he sent them to the leadership. But no one came to the leadership,” a fund representative said.

The administration of the Frunzensky district confirmed this information. They explained that this is done to inform everyone about the contract service.

The leaflets indicate that men aged 19–59 with the education of at least secondary education can serve under the contract.

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