In the Belgorod region, “mobilized” staged a shootout: 22 dead (photo)

Propagandists have already received a “manual” and call the incident a “terrorist attack”, earlier at this training ground, about 100 people refused to go to Lyman with an assault.

In Russia, the mobilized men decided to “wake up” before being sent to war in Ukraine. “Mobilized” in the Belgorod region staged a shootout. Three men opened fire, with a preliminary report of 22 killed and 16 wounded. This is reported by Russian Telegram channels.

According to “Sota”, two of the men who started the gunfight were killed and one managed to escape. The shooting of “mobilized” took place in the village of Soloti, Belgorod region.

The propagandists have already received “manuals” from the Kremlin and are trying to hush up the incident by blaming “terrorists” for everything.

“On the territory of the training ground in the Valuysky district, Belgorod region, a terrorist act was committed by a group of people. Three attacking terrorists were liquidated. Among the servicemen there are dead,” say the Russian soldier, who call themselves “commanders.”

According to “Sota”, the execution of “mobilized” took place in the part where people had previously rebelled. About 100 people from the Bryansk region categorically refused to go with the assault on Liman. They tried to persuade them for more than a week, but they still refused to be sent to Ukraine.

“Mobilized” received threats from the military leadership, but still showed resistance and did not want to go to the front. The men were lined up on the parade ground and tried to persuade, but no more than 20 people agreed to go; the rest continued to rebel.

The mobilized were promised a month of training in Klintsy, they were sent to the border of the Bryansk region, but not to the front. However, the “training training” of the mobilized was reduced to a single shooting at the training ground in Soloti. The latter is already known for the death of conscripts there, whose deaths are documented as suicide.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has already commented on the shooting of “mobilized”. They called a smaller number of dead and tried to present what happened as a “terrorist attack”:

“At the training ground of the Western Military District in the Belgorod Region, two citizens of one of the CIS countries committed a terrorist act. During a fire training session with volunteers preparing for a special operation, the terrorists fired small arms at the unit’s personnel. 11 people were killed, 15 with injuries of varying severity were hospitalized. Two terrorists were killed.”

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