In the Luhansk region, the invaders want to build a crematorium

Also, the enemy resorts to deception and storms the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine disguised as a Ukrainian pixel.

In Novopskov in the Luhansk region, the Russian invaders are planning to build a crematorium because there is nowhere to put the corpses of their soldiers. The chairman of the Luhansk regional military administration Sergei Gaidai announced this.

He noted that the tactics of the Russians are the same everywhere – “they simply storm head-on, not sparing their people”. According to him, even at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine – in the Rubezhnyansk, Severodonetsk directions, everything was “littered with the corpses of Kadyrovites, the “LPR” and Russian mobilized, that even the underground water was poisoned from the decomposition of these corpses.” Gaidai added that hundreds of people were poisoned then.

We have information that they have begun to dig a foundation pit near Novopskov. Of course, they are not building some kind of hospital or school or kindergarten, but this is planning to build a new crematorium,” Gaidai said.

He also said that the Russian invaders resorted to deception and stormed the positions of Ukrainian defenders dressed in Ukrainian pixels. “Such a masquerade is observed along the entire front line. But such deception does not help the enemy advance,” Gaidai added.

The head of the Lugansk military administration, Serhiy Gaidai, said that in the Luhansk region, the occupiers could attack from three directions. According to him, the occupiers were looking for weaknesses and pulled a lot of equipment and tens of thousands of military personnel to the front line.

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