In the Odessa region, special training of scouts of the Marine Corps continues

Daily, sometimes round-the-clock, intensive training of the new replenishment of the reconnaissance unit of one of the separate brigades of the Marine Corps of Ukraine allows us to quickly move from individual training of military personnel to work out special group tasks. ArmyInform correspondent saw how military intelligence officers are being trained in the Odessa region.

Another trip to the landfill. On the spot, military intelligence officers receive information that it is planned to move a group of mock enemies in a certain area with important documents. The command set the task of intercepting the staff car and obtaining the necessary information.

“To practice this task, we planned an ambush. Our group took only light weapons with them because the success in completing the task depended significantly on speed and maneuverability,” says the junior sergeant with the call sign “Palych”. The fight itself didn’t last longer than three minutes. As a result of proper planning and professional actions of our scouts, the enemy was destroyed, and documents with maps were seized and delivered to the command.

The junior sergeant said that the specifics of the use of this reconnaissance unit require military personnel to conduct such training with a very wide range of tasks – identifying positions and firepower of the enemy, combating his sabotage and reconnaissance groups, obtaining information about the routes and times of movement of enemy columns. An important place in their preparation is occupied by mastering new experiences, which is generously shared by brothers who are already participating in hostilities.

During practical training, reconnaissance marines also develop algorithms for effective interaction with other units so that the punishment for the invaders on the battlefield is high-quality and concise.

“The most important thing that we paid attention to when selecting candidates for our unit was the ardor of our soldiers, the desire to learn and apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice to expel Russian parasites from our land as quickly as possible. Their physical training, tactical skills, and combat experience also played an important role,” Palych notes. “I believe that we used the time allocated to us for preparation to the maximum quality, which we will prove in future battles with the Russian invaders.”

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