Increase of inbound tourism: Kyiv first for hotel occupancy, Odessa second

Due to the intensification of inbound tourism in Ukraine, the occupancy rate of hotels in Kyiv increased to 66%, in June 2021; 23% higher than in May.

We see positive trends in all indicators in all major cities of Ukraine.

Yelyzaveta Rudeleva, Head of the Hotel Matrix project

According to Rudeleva, Odessa is in second place in terms of hotel occupancy: an increase from 53% in May, to 63% in June. This is followed by Lviv from 41% in May to 60% in June, Dnipro from 45% in May to 58% in June, and Kharkov from 45% in May to 50% in June.

Usually hotels, anticipating the high demand for the coming period, increase the price. Price and “Average Daily Room Rate” (ADR) certainly have different meanings, therefore, an increase in price, accordingly, affects an increase in ADR.

Compared to May 2021, ADR indicators of all Ukrainian cities grew from 2.4% to 18.4%:

  • Dnipro – increased to UAH 3782 from UAH 3289 (ADR, in May)
  • Lviv – to UAH 2,439 from UAH 2,060
  • Odessa – to UAH 2,284 from UAH 2,067
  • Kyiv – to UAH 2,031 from UAH 1,836 in May

RevPar (Revenue Per Available Room per day) in June increased substantially:

  • Lviv – from UAH 850 in May to UAH 1,557 (RevPar in June)
  • Odessa – from UAH 1,089 in May to UAH 1,476
  • Kyiv – from UAH 780 to UAH 1,345
  • Dnipro – from UAH 1,550 to UAH 2,174
  • Kharkov – from UAH 938 to UAH 1,058