Italians and Ukrainians in Reni open a plant to assembly components for electric vehicles

Reni (Odessa region) will assemble components for electric vehicles. Thanks to the arrival of an Italian investor, by the summer a first group of workers will be trained. Their number is expected to reach 150 people within a year. The shop is being created as part of the Ukrainian LLC Movi Group Kartal.

On the first floor of the former cafe “Express” it is planned to open a workshop for assembling coils for electric vehicles, which will replace cars with internal combustion engines.

We are currently engaged in gasification of the building. There is a similar workshop in Romania and already six of our women are being trained there. Accommodation and work are paid. We plan to hire 60-70 female workers by summer. Men can also be employed.

Ivan Merlich, co-founder of Movi Group Kartal LLC

Merlich also said that the Italian investor plans to come to Reni soon.

It is planned to create up to 150 new working posts during the year. The management of the Movi Group Kartal LLC expressed gratitude to the mayor Igor Plekhov for assistance in promoting this project; now work is being carried out to illuminate the adjacent territory and other works.

Source: Bessarabiainform