“It’s an inexcusable act”: legendary Czech hockey player demands non-admission of Russians to NHL match in Prague

The famous Czech hockey player, 1998 Olympic champion Dominik Hašek called for banning Russian players from participating in the NHL match in the Czech Republic.

The two-time Stanley Cup winner finds it unacceptable to allow Russian hockey players to play in the NHL match between the San Jose Sharks and the Nashville Predators, which is scheduled to take place in October in Prague.

Hasek wrote about this on his Twitter page. He said that if the NHL allowed the Russians to the match, it would be a sign of disrespect for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, who suffer from mass killings and crimes by the Russian occupiers.

Dominik Hašek

“The NHL San Jose Sharks – Nashville Predators match should take place in Prague in October. If the NHL (given the situation) wants to allow any Russian player to play in this match, I will consider it an inexcusable act.

The NHL match in Prague should be a celebration of world hockey and must not become an advertisement for Russian crimes in Ukraine. That would be disrespect from the NHL for the Ukrainian country and its people. And it must not happen!

Ukraine does not deserve it, nor do NHL fans and players. And that includes the Russian ones, for whom I also want the best with this attitude. Not even the greatest game in the world is more than human life. I believe the NHL will make the right decision.” Dominik Hašek stressed.

It should be noted that Russian forward Yakov Trenin plays in the NHL as part of the Predators. And for “San Jose” are Russian defenders Nikolai Knizhov and Artemy Knyazev, as well as forward Alexander Barabanov.

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