Ivan Stupak: changes are coming in the Kremlin for the benefit of Ukraine

All this is happening against the backdrop of the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front.

They are beginning to “justify” President Vladimir Putin from the war with Ukraine in Russia.

Ivan Stupak, an ex-employee of the SBU and an Institute for the Future expert, spoke about this on air on Channel 24.

There is such a story that Putin is already cautiously beginning to be excused from the war. That is, “it was not he who made the decision. It was a collective decision.”

Ivan Stupak

According to the expert, personnel decisions are coming in the Russian elite, which will only benefit Ukraine.

There will be personnel decisions in the Russian elite. Putin will not forgive those who went directly to the occupied territories.

Ivan Stupak

He is confident that all these decisions will add “turbulence” to the Russian Federation, but Ukraine will have more prospects.

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