Izmail port exceeded its forecasts for transshipment of cargo in August 2021

In the Izmail seaport, August’s actual cargo handling figures are 16% higher than planned; 382.8 thousand tons of cargo were handled compared to the plan of 330.0 thousand tons.

This was largely facilitated by the lifting of quarantine measures in European countries – importers of ore and ferrous metals and the restoration of demand for them, as well as an increase in supplies by Ferexpo in the direction of Serbia.

If we rely on the indicators of transshipment of the main cargo in the Izmail seaport, then the growth rate of ore cargo compared to August last year is 249.8 thousand tons (+ 64.3%), and ferrous metals 60.5 thousand tons ( + 422%) respectively.

Now in the Izmail seaport, cargo operations are carried out by five port operators, including the state stevedore SE IZM MTP, and private operators – Ville Forte LLC (the operator of LPG Transshipment and storage complex “Izmail”) , Triton LLC, Newenergy Ltd, EK.O Group LLC.

The largest volume of transshipment is stored by the state stevedoring enterprise: in SE IZM MTP the result of August is 366.0 thousand tons. The result of Ville Forte LLC – 12, 6 thousand tons; Triton LTD – 2,1 thousand tons; Newenergy Ltd – 2,1 thousand tons; EK.O Group LLC , which operates the facilities of the Izmail elevator, is still waiting for profitable contracts for grain exports.