Jacquemus campaign by Ukrainian twins

Ukrainian photographers Tanya and Zhenya Posternak shot an advertisement for Jacquemus. Sisters moved from Kiev to New York. There they found a new home and discovered a passion for photography.

Seven years ago, the girls moved to New York and have already established themselves in the fashion photography market. The aesthetics of their pictures can be recognized by their unique sense of humor, a large number of pastel shades and close-ups, which some publications have already called the “Posternak crop“.

We have love for beauty from our grandfather: we remember well the basins with pictures floating in them, taken with an old Zenit camera. We have always been very attentive to details: we noticed minor imperfections in faces, interesting moments in nature and nuances in clothes. It’s hard to define your photography style, but we are definitely very curious. In the beginning we were inspired by photographer Edward Weston and artist Marlene Dumas.

Posternak sisters

The collection of accessories includes sunglasses, pendants, gold chains, bracelets with white enamel and earrings in the form of a Le Chiquito micro bag.

We are a team with constant internal dialogue. Sometimes it’s an argument, sometimes it’s a conversation in unison with each other. In such work, we value the opportunity to see the frame from different angles. On the set, it is important for us to have a feeling of comradeship, mutual support – especially when dealing with new clients. Therefore, we hardly work alone.

Posternak sisters

Tanya and Zhenya Posternak

The sisters are known for their work for the Mansur Gavriel brand. They also shoot for American Vogue and The New York Times. For Allure, they shot the cover with tennis player Serena Williams.

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