Jan Blomqvist in Odessa

On July 16, the famous Berlin electronic musician Jan Blomqvist will provide a dance sound at a party at Ibiza Beach Club.

Jan Blomqvist is a multifaceted personality. DJ, musician and electronic producer is also the frontman of BLOMQVIST. This German artist is known for his unique approach to dance music: he combines powerful techno, gentle vocals and pulsating melodies into one cocktail.

Jan Blomqvist’s first contact with music was a guitar donated by her mother, and throughout her childhood, the future star played in grunge and punk rock bands. The artist says that he and the guys wrote mostly melancholic and deep melodies.

Since childhood, the musician loved listening to vinyls by Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger. Later, Blur, Radiohead, Nirvana and Björk became his idols. Everything changed in 2002 after moving to Berlin: there techno took possession of the guy’s heart.

There are countless fans of Jan Blomqvist around the world. One of his fan is Armin van Buuren himself. The Dutch DJ and producer was so interested in Jan Blomqvist’s music that he invited him to his record label Armada Music.

When creating the disc Disconnected (2018), the artist did not sit still, but traveled to different countries and even continents. Therefore, as he himself admitted in an interview, some of the slab’s tracks are inspired by Iceland, in some it is as if New York is talking to the audience, and in others, the groove of Berlin club scenes is felt.

The musician calls his mission to bring people happiness:

We must make the listeners happy. This is precisely the mission of the musician and his responsibility. You can’t just go on stage and tell people, “I don’t care.” We have to make them happy.

Jan Blomqvist

The turning point in the artist’s career was the video for the song Something Says, spontaneously filmed on the roof of a Berlin high-rise building on a rainy day in late summer 2011. The video, which received over 11 million views, went viral and made Jan Blomqvist famous.

He has performed with his music at Burning Man, Coachella, Rock am Ring and Tomorrowland. Also he is the founder of the rooftop concert style.

Berlin DJ and producer is a frequent guest of Ukraine.