Jazz Spirit of Love by Alexey Petukhov

On February 22, at 18.30, the Odessa Philharmonic will host a solo program of piano improvisations, “Jazz spirit of love” by the famous Odessa jazzman Alexey Petukhov. We invite you to a concert that will add warmth and sunshine to our winter mood.

A solo program of piano improvisations by Alexey Petukhov. The artist enchants listeners with his original music and his interpretations of jazz standards, classical music, and well-known themes. This program is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in modern and sensual jazz. Petukhov as a brilliant improviser, reveals the world of bright images, feelings, joy of life, and emotional experiences.

The maestro is among the TOP-10 best jazz musicians in the country and needs no special introduction. He is a jazz producer, pianist, composer, and conductor.

Alexey Petukhov will please his numerous fans with a new author’s program. As always, it is built on the brilliant improvisational abilities of this talented jazzman. Well-known jazz and popular melodies will sound bright and in a new way in his signature manner.

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