Jewish Chanukiah before Duke of Richelieu

A traditional nine-candlestick Chanukiah was installed in Odessa near the statue of Duke de Richelieu on Primorsky Boulevard, to celebrate the Jewish holiday Hanukkah.

The first candle for Chanukiah is planned to be lit on the evening of December 10, when Jews around the world will begin to celebrate the holiday of candles: Chanukah.

The Jewish holiday Hanukkah (“Chanukiah” means: nine-candlestick) has been celebrated for eight days since the 2nd century BC. It is based on events that took place in 144 BC. Then the Syrian king Antiochus IV forbade the Jews to observe religious rites on pain of death. In addition, a statue of Zeus was ordered to be brought into the Temple. But contrary to the expectations of the conquerors, many Jews remained true to their traditions and centers of resistance began to emerge. The scattered rebel forces were united by the Hasmonean priest Matityahu and his sons Maccabees. And the crown of the uprising was the liberation of Jerusalem and the cleansing of the Temple from pagan cults. In it the Jews found only one jug of ritually pure olive oil for the temple seven-branched candlestick. It was supposed to last only for a day. But the fires burned for eight whole days, until new oil was made.

Source and pictures: Odessa Life News

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