Joint action of China and Kazakhstan: a political scientist explained Tokaev’s answer to Putin about the “DPR” and “LPR”

The fact that on June 17, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym‑Jomart Tokayev, in the presence of Russian head Vladimir Putin, announced the non-recognition of the statehood of the so-called DPR and LPR, not only humiliated the head of the Kremlin, but also showed who the first of the leaders of the CIS countries to oppose the imperial policy of the head of the Kremlin was.

Political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky spoke about this during the marathon of Freedom TV channel.

Piontkovsky also noted that in addition to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan has one more strong neighbor.

“Tokayev has one more neighbor beside Putin’s Russia. It is no coincidence that he rebuffed the President of the Russian Federation on all counts in his tough speech. In his speech, he several times fell on the position of China,” the expert noted.

The political scientist said that Tokayev is a person who, in terms of scale, cannot be compared with the leaders of the Taliban or the so-called “DNR”, “LNR”.

“I think this speech is a joint action by China and Kazakhstan, and he spoke on behalf of these two countries, expressing opposition to Putin’s military adventure and the imperial position. This is a turning point. This is the first time a leader of a CIS country spoke so frankly with Putin. They all think so , including Lukashenka, who has been wriggling for 15 years. But Tokayev said a firm “no” to both Putin’s imperial policy in general and the military adventure in Ukraine,” the expert noted.

The Kazakh Telegram channel ORDA previously noted that the suspension of oil shipments was announced immediately after the speech of the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym‑Jomart Tokayev, at an economic forum in St. Petersburg, where he stated that he would not recognize the “independence” of pseudo-republics in Donbas.

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