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Main Business — Joint campaign: Ukrposhta and eBay


Joint campaign: Ukrposhta and eBay

03 Nov, 2021
Joint campaign: Ukrposhta and eBay

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Before the high season, Ukrposhta and eBay launched a joint campaign to support Ukrainian exporters. All entrepreneurs registered on the platform will have special conditions. For example, for new business customers the commission for the store on eBay will be 0%, for the first three months.

The campaign to support the entry of Ukrainian exporters into international markets is one of the elements of the cooperation program between Ukrposhta and eBay. In 2022, Ukrposhta will strengthen its integration with the marketplace to make registering all types of shipments through Ukrposhta services more convenient for customers. It is planned to connect online payment soon to pay the cost of delivery immediately.

Now more than 11 thousand Ukrainian entrepreneurs sell on eBay - last year the increase was 14%. Marketplace enables them to sell products to more than 159 million buyers from around the world, including the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and to ensure business continuity under all circumstances.

Jenny Hui, General Manager, eBay Hong Kong, Taiwan and Global Emerging Markets
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"Ukrposhta systematically supports Ukrainian exporters. We understand how attractive eBay is for Ukrainian SMEs, because the platform allows you to get more profit than on other platforms. That is why Ukrposhta and eBay are launching a large-scale, long-term programme aimed at helping Ukrainian exporters enter international markets through eBay. To this end, Ukrposhta works in two directions: improves delivery quality, has direct contracts with 15 international airlines and its charter cargo program to the United States, and invests in free training and information activities to exchange best practices of Ukrainian exporters "within E-Export School." said Igor Smilyansky, General Director of Ukrposhta.

For Ukrainian exporters, eBay also provides access to the export.ebay.com information center, which collects the most useful information and news.

"We see great potential in the Ukrainian market and, for our part, are constantly expanding eBay's offerings to local SMEs. In May 2021, eBay launched a payment service for Ukrainian sellers, which provides entrepreneurs with a more convenient way to do business on the platform. We are now pleased to start working with Ukrposhta to provide Ukrainian entrepreneurs with unique benefits and support, ” said Jenny Hui, General Manager, eBay Hong Kong, Taiwan and Global Emerging Markets.

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Ukrposhta systematically supports Ukrainian exporters, offering special conditions for store registration in partnership with marketplaces. E-Export School by Ukrposhta has also been operating for five years, within which the postal operator talks about the peculiarities of working with different marketplaces. In particular, Ukrposhta has already talked about new payment solutions from Payoneer for eBay and how to deliver goods to eBay customers.

Since 2020, Ukrposhta has delivered more than 5 million kg of export items to international destinations. This is a joint achievement of the postal operator and Ukrainian entrepreneurs who sell on global platforms and choose Ukrposhta to deliver goods to their customers.

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