Kadorr wants to buy First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant

Kadorr Group (Odessa) is interested in the acquisition of the 100% stake in First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant JSC (formerly Bilshovyk plant), under privatisation by the Ukrainian government.

According to a company’s report in the information disclosure system of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission dated October 8, Kadorr Invest LLC intends to acquire 44.58 ordinary registered shares constituting 100% of the charter capital of the plant. The company and its affiliates do not own any share of the plant at the time of notification.

Kadorr is among the more than 15 potential investors, who have shown interest in acquiring the First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant at the privatisation auction, according to the State Property Fund (SPF) of Ukraine.

First Kyiv Machine-building Plant was founded in 1882, in Kyiv. From the last quarter of the XX century the originally named «Bilshovyk» plant became and the leading enterprise among Eastern Europe countries in manufacturing of large-tonnage equipment with a big single output for processing rubber, plastics or their waste.

About Kadorr Invest LLC

According to the Unified public Register of Legal Entities and sole proprietors, Adnan Kivan (50%) and Olha Pavlova (50%) are the founders and ultimate beneficiaries of Kadorr Invest LLC with a charter capital of UAH 1 million.

According to the data on the official website, the portfolio of Kadorr Group has more than 2 million square meters of residential real estate put into operation, including more than 50 residential complexes, 90 cottages. The assets of the group also include 7 business centers, 5 shopping malls and commercial space with a total value of more than $800 million.

According to Forbes Ukraine, the owner of the group, Adnan Kivan, is in the top five rentiers of Ukraine with the highest income from real estate lease, with an indicator of $45 million at the end of 2020.