Kadyrovtsy wanted to kidnap Ukrainian children from an orphanage

By Anton Geraschchenko

Kadyrovtsy wanted to kidnap children from an orphanage in the Kiev region. The author of this “plan”, most likely, was personally Ramzan Kadyrov, who now, according to the information of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, personally arrived in Ukraine.

Gerashchenko posted on his Telegram channel a video where Kadyrov listens to the report of his special forces on the operation to capture Ukrainian children.

In the video, Kadyrov and three special forces are in a dark room. The leader of Chechnya listens to a report from one of the Kadyrovites, and he explains why their plan failed.

“The approach to this orphanage was completed. The strategy that you told us, it worked 100%. We did not start cleaning up this village. We did not go in from the flanks, do reconnaissance, but immediately, arrogantly, and at speed, we approached this orphanage. They quickly blocked it, got inside, but unfortunately, the children were not there,” the mercenary tells Kadyrov.

Inside, according to the invader, they found only two nannies. According to the occupant in the video, the children managed to be evacuated.

“We were literally a few hours late. The SBU officers drove cars under the flag of the Red Cross in the evening. They were armed. They drove all the children into these buses and took them to Kyiv,” the mercenary says.

Kadyrov listened to the report in silence. In the end, he only asked if it was really only 7 kilometers from the point where the said orphanage was located to the Ukrainian capital – and received an affirmative answer.

Kadyrov arrived in Ukraine and the first thing they do is plan an operation to kidnap children from an orphanage… This is the essence of Kadyrov’s streak: kidnapping, torture, intimidation, and posturing for social networks. Apparently, they wanted to use children from the orphanage for the next recording of a PR video Kadyrov

Anton Gerashchenko

Note that there is no reliable evidence that Kadyrov came to Ukraine and is really in the Kiev region. .

Also it’s know that the head of Chechnya became the target of jokes on the network: he held a parade in Prada boots for € 1250 on a thick platform. Because of this, Kadyrov was suspected of having complexes due to his short stature and they joked that the shoes were too similar to women’s.

It also became known that in Ukraine, Kadyrov’s men are terrorizing civilians and shooting wounded Russians so as not to evacuate them. So, in Borodianka, “Kadyrovtsy” shot 12 wounded Russians, who were promised evacuation to Belarus.

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