Kateryna Korolevtseva created a museum of Ukrainian letters in Weimar

UKRAINIAN LETTERS (temporary) MUSEUM is the only museum of Ukrainian letters and, perhaps, the smallest museum in the world. The exposition presents 33 works of art, namely 33 letters of the Ukrainian alphabet.

Kateryna Korolevtseva worked on the UKRAINIAN LETTERS MUSEUM project during a creative residency in Germany.

Ukrainian graphic artists are worthy of a separate museum. The letters were found on the covers of books and other printed materials, created since 1917, the time of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, and up to the present day of Independent Ukraine.

Since this museum is just a street, all passers-by during the month could see it. It was precious to watch people stop, look at, and discuss the letters, talk about what they remind them of, scan the QR code and look at the project’s website with historical examples of Ukrainian letters and information about the artists.

Kateryna Korolevtseva

We highly recommend immersing yourself in the project and taking a detailed look at each letter included in the exhibition.

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