Kept in the garage: the soldier told how the Russian army treats those who do not want to fight

Ten soldiers of the 11th separate air assault brigade of the Russian army are kept in a garage, fed once a day, and threatened with being sent to a pre-trial detention center as they refused to fight against Ukraine. More soldiers in the unit wanted to leave the service, but after pressure from the command, many decided to stay at the front.

Corporal Ilya Kaminsky shared this information in a conversation with journalists from the “Nastoyashchee Vremya” (Current Time) publication. He serves in the 11th Airborne Battalion and is still striving to get back to Russia.

78 people in the unit refused to fight. However, about 50 of them decided to stay at the front due to pressure from the command.

“They say we will go to a pre-trial detention center near Lugansk. This is some center based on pre-trial detention center No. 1. People from the military investigation department for the Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk regions came, forced to write explanatory notes that we were ready to carry out tasks. Our reports they were torn, not accepted, we wrote the order … I will speak for myself, I wrote about 20 reports. Not a single one was considered,” Kaminsky said.

At the disposal of the publication appeared an audio recording of a conversation between Lieutenant Colonel Agafonov and soldiers who do not want to fight. The commander offered the invaders simplified service options – to guard the command post or artillery crews.

All those who refused to fight in the 11th Airborne Division were divided into groups. One of them, consisting of 8 people, was taken away in an unknown direction. Agafonov said that the soldiers were in the Luhansk commandant’s office. There, the invaders were “processed”, after which they decided to stay at the front in Ukraine.

“These eight people already want to join the ranks very much. They want very much. They have been calling all day. They are already ready with a machine gun on a motorcycle. I don’t know what they did with them, what they were told about this Luhansk, how they described the article’s failure to comply with the order, and so on,” Agafonov said.

At the moment, 11 DShB has lost about half of its personnel. This considers the dead, the wounded, and those who refused to fight.

Recall that on July 13, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the losses in the Rashist army exceeded the level of recruitment. The Russian command even uses violence against its subordinates if they refuse to participate in hostilities further.

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