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Main Diplomacy — Koblevskaya complex: a large-scale project for the tourism development of Odessa and Nikolaevskaya regions


Koblevskaya complex: a large-scale project for the tourism development of Odessa and Nikolaevskaya regions

16 Sep, 2021
Koblevskaya complex: a large-scale project for the tourism development of Odessa and Nikolaevskaya regions

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A large-scale project for the development of the tourist potential of the coastal zone at the junction of two regions, Odessa and Nikolaevskaya, can be implemented in the near future in the area of ​​the Koblevo resort. The Koblevskaya complex aims to become the "Ukrainian Antalya" with an embankment, a concert arena and an amusement park.

The project of creating this agro-recreational cluster was developed by the Kyiv agency Artbudhotel and presented at the session of the village council of Koblevskaya OTG, within which most of the resort is located.

According to the representative of the tourist council at the Odessa Regional State Administration, hotelier Fazil Askerov, no other tourist region of Ukraine has such a business plan.

This is a roadmap that you can follow, which will allow both business and the community to develop simultaneously. It will give an opportunity to reasonably apply to the state for financial assistance for bank protection works, road construction and infrastructure development.

Fazil Askerov, hotels developer

According to the concept, the coastal zone will receive a unified development strategy until 2030. The first stage involves the construction of a bank protection system and an increase in the width of sandy beaches by 70 meters. After that, it will be possible to build a full-fledged cycling and pedestrian embankment with a length of more than 7 km, the development of a park area and tourist infrastructure: the construction of a concert arena, a gastronomic market and an amusement park.

At the same time, the project offers options for solving logistic and communal problems: building new and repairing existing highways, laying modern communications, solving storm sewer and water supply issues.

In addition to the sea side, the concept provides for the development of the balneological potential of the Tiligul estuary, the reserves of therapeutic mud in which are estimated by specialists from the Odessa Research Institute of Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the amount of 14 million tons. The construction of a modern mud bath will allow part of the resort to work all year round.

After the planned expansion of the estuary-sea canal, water tourist routes could connect the resort with locations located on the banks of the estuaries, for example, the Kurisovskaya estate.

The brain of this strategy is the member of the regional council and co-owner of the private port of TIS Oleg Kutateladze. According to the deputy, uniform rules should become an important condition that will allow entrepreneurs to develop their business within the framework of the concept and improve the quality of services.

Until now, many offer guests minimum conditions, without investing in infrastructure and using the crumbling and backward resource of post-Soviet recreation centers. We must change our approach and learn to invest in our country. After all, we in Ukraine have something to show tourists from any country in the world, but we need to create appropriate conditions for them.

Oleg Kutateladze, co-owner of TIS Group of Terminals

According to Oleg Kutateladze, the Koblevsky resort, the infrastructure of which is closest to the international level, should become the locomotive of qualitative changes.

There are already hotels here that are not inferior to those in Turkey or Egypt. For example, the De La Vita Resort & Spa hotels and the new line of Vital Island opened this year - these are 140 rooms and more than 15,000 sq. meters.

To show the need for changes, a group of Koblevskaya businessmen are ready to carry out part of the bank protection works at their own expense.

We are ready to make three bank protection groins to show that it works. So that neighbouring hotels know where to go, so that there is a synchronous movement of power and business.

Oleg Kutateladze

The creators of the concept plan to expand it up to the city of Yuzhny.

It is necessary to have a common strategy from Rybakovka to Yuzhny. Estuary, the sea and a full-fledged embankment between them. Recreation and tourism are gold, this additional product that our country lacks so much. And we can develop it. Now our tourists leave $ 7.5 billion abroad. If we give them the opportunity to leave some here, and attract a foreign tourist, we can talk about five billion dollars that will remain in our economy.

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Oleg Kutateladze, Member of Odessa Regional Council

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