Konrad Muzyka: Everything points towards Belarus joining the war

Belarus has been preparing the army and mobilization infrastructure for participation in the war all year.

The Belarusian army is likely to join the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There are many signs of this. This was stated by the Polish military analyst, head of the analytical center Rochan Consulting Konrad Muzyka in a comment to the British channel Sky News.

Muzyka noted that the Belarusian army had been continuously on exercises since April. The training activity of the Belarusian military last year was the highest after the collapse of the USSR.

“They have also tested the mobilisation capacity, they recently announced that they finished updating the data for all Belarusian reservists,” the expert said.

He also said that Belarus recently updated data on its reserves.

“What this means is that the reserve system is now ready for mobilisation. What we need now is a political decision to start mobilisation and go to war. Whether or not this will happen, we don’t know, because we have no insight into what Lukashenko is thinking. But everything points at Belarus joining the war sometime in the future,” the expert said.

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