Kuleba: “Stolen never brought happiness to anyone”

Photo: The bulk carrier “Matros Pozynich” is seen at the Syrian port of Latakia on May 8. (Maxar Technologies)

According to international media reports, on May 11, a Russian ship with stolen Ukrainian grain moored off the coast of Syria.

“Russia is a triple criminal: they bombed Syria, occupied part of Ukraine, and now sell stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria. I want to remind the participants of this deal: what was stolen never brought happiness to anyone. Everyone involved in the sale, transportation, or purchase of stolen grain is an accomplice to the crime. Your actions will have adequate international legal consequences. We will do everything to make your life more difficult as much as possible,” said Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

The Minister reminded that earlier, thanks to the efforts of Ukrainian diplomats, Egypt and Lebanon refused to buy the loot. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine also warned other consumer countries that consignments of grain sold by Russia might partially or entirely contain stolen grain obtained due to looting by the Russian occupiers.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine categorically condemns the actions of the Russian Federation regarding the disposal of grain illegally expropriated from Ukrainian farmers. Russia is once again proving its criminal nature as a marauding country by its actions.

According to the Ukrainian government, the occupiers have already stolen at least 400-500 thousand tons of grain worth more than 100 million US dollars. Almost all ships are leaving Sevastopol with grain transport stolen Ukrainian products.

Numerous testimonies confirm Russia’s theft of Ukrainian grain from Ukrainian farmers and documentary evidence.

The Foreign Ministry calls on the international community to strengthen economic sanctions to stop Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, and worsen the situation with food security in the world.

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