“Le Concert” by Paul Manandiz a Frenchman with Ukraine in his heart

Winner of the “Golden Prize” of the Brussels Conservatory, performer, composer will perform in Odessa with the author’s programme “Le Concert” on March 7.

Paul Manandise is a French singer who won a Golden Prize of Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

The type of Paul’s voice is a lyric tenor, which can sound easily and strongly enough as well, Sometimes it can be even confused with drama tenors, so “in volume” and powerfully it sounds. The repertoire of songs is in French, English, and since recently in Ukrainian.

The singer was born in Brussels, began to sing since his childhood, he took vocal lessons, later entered a conservatory. He sang in a church choir, on Christmas services where the members of Royal family of Belgium was present.

The father of Paul is an Italian, and mother is a Frenchwoman. Such mix presented special qualities, further expressed in rebellious spirit and absolute independence. Paul absorbed all the best from two cultures. It gives special chic to each performance. At the age of 20 Paul moved to Paris where he was developing his talent, cooperating with the record companies. Gradually joining the local show business, he concluded the first contract with E.M.I. Music as a composer.

Paul moved to Ukraine in 2015, already having a successful career as a musician in France. A new beautiful page of his work has opened in Ukraine. Here he studied the Ukrainian language, writes and performs full lyrics of the song in Ukrainian, which receive millions of views on social networks.

A special attitude to Ukrainian culture is traced in every interview of Paul, he really considers himself a Ukrainian musician.

He was lucky to meet Nina Matvienko almost immediately, a famous Ukrainian singer who is tenderly loved in her homeland and is always glad to hear all over the world. She became interested in him when she heard his song on YouTube. The experienced singer became the mentor of the French singer, she is not indifferent to his creative destiny. Paul calls Nina Matvienko not only a colleague, but also a friend and the source of Ukrainian culture for himself.

Paul Manandiz put a lot of effort into learning to speak Ukrainian without an accent. He believes that this is very important when he encroached on the performance of Ukrainian songs for Ukrainians. For two years, Paul worked on his first Ukrainian album. As a result, he created a meaningful music album, full of sensual melodies and patriotic feelings for Ukraine.

March 7 will host a festival of French music in Odessa “Le Concert” – the best compositions of the most famous French musicals performed by a chansonnier from Paris, who lives with Ukraine in his heart. Live concert in the Great Hall of the Odessa Philharmonic accompanied by the quartet “Perfect”.