Le Pen spoke out against sending tanks to Ukraine so as not to make “the war even worse”

The French far-right leader, Marine Le Pen, said that she opposes sending heavy tanks to Ukraine, fearing that it could escalate the conflict with Russia. Euractiv writes about this.

France and the West should not send heavy tanks to Ukraine, Le Pen said after President Emmanuel Macron said he did not rule out sending Leclerc tanks to Ukraine.

“Won’t all this make the war worse?” – she asked in an interview on Monday.

Escalation risks “internationalising the conflict” and “moving away from a negotiated peace solution”, she added, reflecting a sentiment Macron and the whole political class all share.

Earlier this month, France, Germany and the US pledged to provide French AMX-10 RC light tanks, 40 German Marder BMPs and 50 Bradley fighting vehicles.