Legal Firm “De Jure” celebrates 10 years of work achievements

When a story ends, another one inevitably begins. The history of the De Jure Law Firm began 10 years ago with the legal department of a large project in Odessa, headed by the lawyer Grygorii Tripulskyi. After the project was over, Tripulskyi decided to found his own law firm.

In the initial years, the new company worked to keep the clients from the previous project, and took on any work along the way. The process was successful, because the 95% of clients followed De Jure Law Firm.

The first significant changes in the structure were introduced 3 years after its foundation. The emergence of specialisations within the Firm, the formation of relevant departments, the formation of an internal corporate culture and organisation. Gradually the Firm’s staff grew from 6 people to 20 professional lawyers and consultants. Today, its clients are growing at a 15-20% rate yearly.

The achievements

One of the main specialisations of De Jure Law Firm is real estate and construction, which is not surprising, because the managing partner has been dealing with this field for more than 20 years. Another strong competence of the company is medical law. Since its foundation, De Jure has made a big leap in development and today is one of the best law firms in Southern Ukraine and not so far from the top 50 law firms in Ukraine according to sectorial magazines:

  • Yuridicheskaya Praktika (since 2014 – now): De Jure Law Firm among the top 100 law firms in Ukraine.
  • Liga Zakon Awards (2019 and 2020): the company was selected as the best in the field of construction and real estate.
  • Advocate of the Year (2019 and 2020): the managing partner of De Jure Law Firm Grygorii Tripulskyi was elected in construction and real estate.
  • Yuridicheskaya Gazeta (2019 and 2020): De Jure Law Firm among the leaders in these fields: real estate and construction, medical law, corporate law, litigation.

From the very foundation, the motto of the company is “decency and professionalism”. It is a slogan, which defines the style of the Firm in all its relations.

Team building

In addition to the definition of clear values ​​that relate directly to work, the company devotes most of its time to networking, communication and staff activities, like going on holiday and doing sports together. For 4 years, the Firm has been organising the challenge «100 days before summer». Each member of the staff has to take a photo and write what he/she wants to change of himself/herself within 100 days. On the 1st of June, all the team sums up the results and prizes are distributed among the winners.

Each year, the Firm participates to the Race Nation: 5 kilometres obstacles race (like a military course challenge), with teams of 5 people (1 girl included). De Jure’s team was the winner in 2019.

This year, the entire staff celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Firm with a travel to sunny Egypt.

De Jure Law Firm future plans are to scale up the business and increase its market share and enlarge the number of employees.