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Main Diplomacy — Legal staying of foreigners in Ukraine


Legal staying of foreigners in Ukraine

25 Jun, 2021
Legal staying of foreigners in Ukraine

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The legality question of staying on territory of a foreign nation is relevant, perhaps, concerning every personality leaving his native state. As for Ukraine, it is quite loyal in matters of migration policy, and for representatives of many countries, we have even abolished entry visa regime (the EU countries, CIS countries, USA, Turkey, Japan, etc.). Let’s talk about penalty for overstaying in Ukraine. So, depending on whether the country is a visa or not concerning Ukraine, there are two determining options every legal term stay:

  • visa countries - it corresponds to the visa validity term;
  • visa-free applicants - no more than 90 days within 180 days.

If in the first option everything is clearly defined also understandable, then in the second there are difficulties. Each foreigner must calculate all his days of stay on its territory 180 days before crossing date. It is difficult to control these terms, especially if there are many intersections and all of them are irregular. often foreign citizens do not even understand principles of calculating legal period of stay.   law ignorance does not exempt from liability including visa-free foreigners are highly recommended to use migration calculators  will allow them to plan their stay.

Delay in stay on the territory of Ukraine: consequences

If a foreigner does not leave Ukraine after the expiration of legal period, then this violates the current migration legislation. How to pay fine for overstay in Ukraine? When crossing borders, authorized representatives of border service establish the fact of time limits violation, they will issue a decision on the spot in case of an admin violation and collect a fine from 1700 to 5100 UAH.  Border guards can collect imposed fines directly at checkpoints exclusively through terminals for non-cash payments. When talking about Ukraine overstay ban, then if they are not present at this a border point or a foreigner cannot pay on the spot due to his financial condition, this personality is given 15 days to pay. Within 3 working days after the end of this time, he is obliged to send a payment receipt of such a fine to an authorized person or to body, issued  orders to impose a fine. It is important if a foreigner has not fulfilled requirements to pay the fine, in future he may be prohibited from entering the country for up to 3 years. In addition, statements about a person are entered into a special database of persons who are prohibited from entering. odessajournal 0   If firstly a nonnative does not comply with such a prohibition, the next prohibition is already established for +10 years to the part of previous prohibition that is still in force. Concerning those foreign citizens who are trying to cross borders illegally or outside checkpoints, a 5-year ban period may be set for them. As to categories of nonnatives who do not voluntarily leave territory after expiration of any statutory stay period, this procedure for forced return to territory of origin may be applied to them. But if such a person also evades these actions, an extreme influence measure is forced expulsion. Newcomers and stateless persons who were unable to leave Ukraine due to quarantine will not be held administratively liable. Foreigners will not be fined for visa overstays during quarantine. This corresponding law was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday, March 17.

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The Odessa Journal

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