Life is meaningful – the essence of Svitlana Bevza’s new autumn-winter 2023 collection

Photo credit: Mariya Nicole

In the current state of our world, faced with oppression, pressure, and anxiety, we need freedom, ease, and the ability to fly. We need wings to soar above the chaos and walk calmly to freedom. For us, this means safety – the safety of life, self-expression, and freedom of choice. Quiet elegance and understated bravery can be just as powerful as overt statements or actions.

FW 23 is composed of the black-and-white essences of the brand’s core visual DNA and reflects everyone’s DNA at the same time. White color has always been at the center of Bevza’s history, it gives fresh feeling of a new day and a new beginning.

Life will bring challenges and changes, but we should feel free to make choices. The collection features minimalist white dresses with removable “wings” and handmade “feathers” from zero-waste silk.

New accessories such as clutches in the shape of eggs and symbolic minimalist jewelry – brooches, earrings, and pendants – remind us of what is most important – creation and the value of life.

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