Light Installation for support

Expolight made a light installation in three Ukrainian cities to support the medical staff of Ukraine

Doctors are our Heroes!
All the medical staff in Ukraine now need our support.

Following the world experience Expolight highlights the iconic facades in Ukraine in a symbolic white-red colours to attract your attention!

We are all safe at home now, while medical workers should be in the highest risk zone. Buildings, protecting people inside themselves, outside will become symbolically luminous beacons for physicians outside.

Chkalov Tower

You can provide assistance to doctors through the platform ?www.helpdoctors.com.ua, organized by Oleg Gorokhovsky, Evgeny Chernyak, Vladimir Yatsenko.

Chkalov Tower from above

Light is a great tool to let “healthcare soldiers” know about our support.

Greek park

In Odessa:
• Greek Park
• Chkalov Tower

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